In today’s world, everything revolves around relations and being connected.It is unthinkable that a company, an association or an individual can function without taking others into account. Nothing remains a secret forever…

Today, communication encompasses various dimensions. The possibilities are endless, if you simply connect the right elements with one another.

Connecting Communication Strategies is here to help you make that happen.


Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is the sum total of how you position yourself on the market as a company, an organisation: your product range, pricing, social role, role as an employer, role in sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship, etc.

Crisis and issue communication

CCStrategies - Connecting Communication Strategies - Crisis and issue communication

That could never happen to us! You’ve probably had that thought, at some point, just like many of our customers… Fortunately, CCStrategies have more than 30 years of experience in the field, both in the role of communications officer/manager and in the role of consultant.

Public affairs

The worlds of politics and business are closely linked. CCStrategies can provide the connection between these different worlds. Our success is due to an extensive network at all policy levels, including local, regional and federal authorities.

Environmental communication

Events that have an impact on the environment can be decisive for the continuation of your business activities.

Media relations and training

Communicating with the media is no simple matter. Most organisations actually see the media as a target group in its own right. However, we see the media as a partner in your approach to your stakeholders.

Internal communication

CCStrategies - Connecting Communication Strategies - Training en Coaching

Change communication, HR and employer branding

Your employees are the basis and the direct ambassadors of your organisation. Our focus is primarily on creating the right connection.

Training, facilitation and coaching

CCStrategies - Connecting Communication Strategies - Training, facilitation en coaching

CCStrategies provides training in areas such as mediatraining, internal communication, general communication skills for managers and team leaders, presentation skills.

CCStrategies stands for no-nonsense communication


CCStrategies is proud to have built a customer base with whom we’ve maintained a long-term, personal relationship over a period of more than 15 years. We act as a sounding board and co-creative partner.

For me, media training at CCS was a rich learning experience. We were totally immersed in the world ‘behind the screens’ during a half-day of confrontational training. Theory was also summarised in clear and concise charts that we still use. The professional insight and tips from the journalist and cameraman added to the thoroughly professional approach. Recommended for all spokespersons!  

Jorn Vennekens
Press Officer
Plan International Belgium

CC Strategies has been our advisor for media relations, crisis communication and contacts with political and government organisations for more than 15 years. Media training is also regularly on the agenda. The new orientation seems to be a natural step in a world in which everything and everybody is connected. With their broad view of the outside world, I am already looking forward to further and also renewed cooperation.  

Danny Erreweyaert
Communication Manager
Evonik Antwerpen NV